Some site updates

Hi, guys. First of all I have to say thanks to everyone, who support this site, message me on email and support me by donations. I see that this site a pretty useful for you and I'm trying to develop it.
Site are grown up and now we have about 500 peoples per day. Thats awesome! But site hosting also costs more now and I spent much more time working with this site. Thats why you can see some ads on the site and I'll be very grateful if you do not use adBlocks. Thanks! =)

So, I did a little work for today:
- Lists of default and upgraded vehicles are little updated now. Only first 10 list items are visible on this pages and you need to press the "load more" button on the bottom of lists for load more items. This accelerated the loading of pages and reduced server load.
- Created the News section where I'll write about last changes on site and now you can comment this news.
- 'Cause you guys made more than 4k custom vehicle cards (thats fantastic =) ) I was forced to make a separate page with all of this cards here =)

Thats all =) Enjoy and as always you can message me to with any questions.